A place where everyone knows you

You know that feeling you get when you walk into your favourite coffee shop and they know your name and remember what you like, or remember a piece of information about your life? It leaves you feeling known and cared for.

That same feeling is the very thing our students experience at Emmanuel Bible College. Our student population reflects all ages and stages of life – so if you think there won’t be anyone like you on campus, guess again!

On an academic level, we offer a number of options from certificates to degree programs that not only prepare students for traditional ministry roles but fields like counselling and other parachurch roles. The goal is to create an education centred around the passions of our students. Graduates are then equipped with a skillset for the field they want to pursue.

As for life outside of the classroom, we keep students engaged and encouraged in a number of ways. Our student leadership team provides fun and exciting events throughout the year. Each student also has access to our on-campus counsellors to ensure you’re taken care of on every level.

Thinking about applying? Our Admissions team will help walk you through the application process, making sure to answer any questions you might have. When you get that acceptance letter in the mail, you officially become an Emmanuel Wildcat!

If you want to know more about Emmanuel Bible College, we encourage you to attend our Open House coming up Thursday, March 14. Come and see firsthand what it’s like to be known and cared for. We can’t wait to see you!