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Distance Education courses are available to anyone interested in pursuing educational opportunities at Emmanuel. For some students, Distance Education provides a chance to begin a Bible college education either as an occasional student or to enter a program. For others, these courses supplement the in-class offerings, providing flexibility in scheduling. Students in any certificate, diploma or degree program at Emmanuel may take up to half of their courses by Distance Education.

We are available to help you plan for your education. We want you to succeed!

Distance Education Goal

To provide students with an alternative to classroom study

  • Accommodate students with course conflicts, and health, travel, distance, employment, and family issues
  • Appeal to different learning styles
  • Provide flexible (longer or shorter) time frames for course completion and allow students to control scheduling of their course work
  • Offer a certificate program that can be completed entirely off campus
  • Allow students in all certificate, diploma, and degree programs to complete up to half of their course requirements from a distance
Start Off Right for Success

Technical Competence
Students must be able to:
* Use email. This is the regular means of communication between the DE department and students. In addition, Populi sends course notifications and updates via email.
* Use Populi course management software. All registered students have access to this software. Video tutorials are available online.
* Open attachments and attach documents.

Required Technologies
* Computer access and internet service
* An up-to-date browser. Populi runs best on versions such as Google Chrome 11+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 9+.
* Software: Students should have word processing software such as Word, or Open Office (which can be downloaded for free).
* Documents and presentations can be uploaded to Populi in a wide variety of file formats such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .ppt. Emmanuel does not accept submissions from Sky Drive or others housed in the cloud that are working copies of documents rather than firm final copies.

Is De right for you?

* You live at a distance from the college and find it hard to commute to in-class courses.
* You work shifts or odd hours and don’t have the same time free each week for classes.
* Your family responsibilities prevent you from spending hours away from home.
* Your health affects your ability to take in-class courses.
You want to use time over the Christmas or summer break to continue your education.
* You want to have a longer (or shorter) time frame in which to complete a course.
* A course you want to take is not offered during the semester you want to take it.
* A conflict in your class schedule prevents you from taking a course in class.

A score of even 1 in the above categories makes you a candidate for Distance Education!

* You are self-motivated and/or have a good accountability system in place with someone who will help keep you on track.
* You are an independent worker.
You have a good place and time to do uninterrupted work.
* You are good at time management: setting your own pace, enjoying flexibility but able to keep to self-set deadlines.
* You are responsible about submitting assignments.
* You will have some patience with inevitable delays in feedback on your work.
* You want to do it!

A score of 3 or more in the above categories indicates good potential for success!

Register for DE

Registration for DE courses (including on-line courses) is open for 5 weeks at the beginning of each DE semester. DE semesters begin each year on August 1, December 1, and April 1.

Time Frames
All of our 3-credit courses are expected to take approximately 90 hours of time for a student to complete, including studying and reading time.

* All of our regular DE courses are offered on a 4-month time frame. Suggested due dates are given but the schedule is flexible within the four months. You can make it work around your other commitments.
* Please note that in some syllabi, restrictions are given on the amount of work that can be submitted in any two-week period. Be sure to read your syllabus carefully as you plan your schedule.
* Online courses – Course work is completed in an 8- to 10-week time frame according to a schedule of activities delivered online. You should budget about 11-12 hours per week on average during the three months of course work.

Current Students

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New DE Students

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For more information contact de@emmanuelbiblecollete.ca or call 519-894-8900 x256.