Campus Update – August 2019

In April, we shared some changes taking place around campus. A lot has happened over the summer, so we thought it was time to update you again!

Work to provide new utility services to the campus is complete. We now have new gas, water and hydro lines to provide the services we need. While this doesn’t seem very exciting, we know that the campus is well served by reliable utilities that adhere to current codes and requirements. The new connections were needed due to the land severance and sale completed last fall.

A significant campus upgrade underway this summer is a new kitchen in the Sherk building to replace the old one in the Campus Centre. The new kitchen will occupy space previously used as a meeting room, storage space and the Wildcat Café servery space. The new kitchen will provide modern facilities for food storage, preparation, and service. We are so excited to see the new kitchen take shape!

A delay in getting the building permit from the City of Kitchener impacted our original timeline, so work is now running a bit behind. Not all of it will be completed for the start of the school year, but we will still be able to provide our students with meals.

The other major project we undertook this summer is upgrading the rooms in Warder residence. After removing the original built-in furniture, we repainted and re-floored each room and also installed new window coverings and light fixtures. New furniture arrived earlier this week on August 19! Staff were on hand bright and early to help unload the truck. Each student will have a bed, desk, chair, and dresser. Due to a factor outside of our control, some of the furniture has been delayed but will arrive just before the new semester begins. We are excited to provide upgraded living space for our students!

The investments we have made in both the kitchen and residence speak of our strong commitment to on-campus Biblical education that is both community-based and spiritually transforming. Other investments are helping us realize the vision of providing both accredited and unaccredited forms of ministry and discipleship training through diverse methods of delivery. Some of those delivery methods don’t require bricks and mortar but investments in digital tools and systems. Emmanuel is innovating and responding to the changing realities of the educational sector and the culture at large. We are glad to say that on-campus education remains a key part of what we do and we are glad to make investments to make sure the student experience is the best it can be.

Thank you for your prayers and support during this period of change and growth. We are excited about the progress we have made so far and look forward to all that God has in store for the college.