Emmanuel Bible College Offers Enhanced New Student Bursary

Emmanuel Bible College is excited to announce that we will be offering an enhanced New Student Bursary of at least $500 to $1,000 per semester to new students for the 2021/22 academic year. The previous New Student Bursary provided $250 to $750 per year. These bursaries were made possible by the generosity of a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

“We are grateful and excited for this partnership,” says Dr. Neil Cudney, President of Emmanuel Bible College. “These bursaries will help remove financial barriers to ministry training and make it easier for students to focus on their studies.”

The anonymous donor providing the funds is passionate about addressing the future leadership gap in our churches, reducing student debt for graduates entering ministry and building on Emmanuel’s 81-year legacy of equipping men and women to serve in God’s Kingdom. To this end, they have committed to matching up to $500,000 in funds raised over the next four years. Up to $200,000 in funds raised by Emmanuel will be matched by the donor for the 2021/22 academic year, with up to $100,000 matched in each of the following three years. This matching opportunity will be applicable to both one-time donations and new monthly donors through the Many Hands campaign.

All new students intending to serve the Kingdom in a paid or volunteer capacity will be eligible for the enhanced New Student Bursary. Part-time students will be eligible for $500 per semester and full-time students will be eligible for $1,000 per semester. Students willing to complete a form detailing their financial need may be eligible for additional funds beyond the base amounts. The bursaries are also available to returning students who have been absent from Emmanuel for a period of at least one year.

For more information on applying to Emmanuel Bible College, contact admissions@emmanuelbiblecollege.ca or call 519-894-8900 x224 or x279.

For more information about the Many Hands campaign, visit www.emmanuelbiblecollege.ca/manyhands.