College Gears Up for First Online Concert

November 12, 2020

This year has been one of many firsts for Emmanuel Bible College, and yet another is on the horizon. The College is preparing to host its inaugural online concert, to be held on December 1.

The innovation comes in response to the changes necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally, at this time of year the College would be hosting a number of in-person events to celebrate the Christmas season and enjoy the fellowship of the school community. Live music is often a central feature and a favourite element of these festive gatherings. But due to the restrictions in place to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, Emmanuel will not be able to host its Christmas gatherings as usual this year. To carry on the music tradition, Emmanuel has decided to produce an online concert, following the lead of many performing artists and organizations who have temporarily turned from cheering audiences to the video-camera eye.

This Advent Concert will feature two alumni, Jay Calder and Randall Rehkopf. Calder has made a name for himself as a virtuoso guitarist with a style comparable to that of Christian-music icon Phil Keaggy. Rehkopf is an experienced musician and worship leader who serves a pastor in the Waterloo area and is also an adjunct professor at the College. Both artists will share a variety of songs—some Christmas- or Advent-themed, others not—and share about their own connection with the College.

The concert will be the first in a series of online productions called LIVE@EBC. Details of future events will be released in the coming weeks and months. In addition to carrying on Emmanuel’s rich tradition of live performance, the event series will provide a way for the school to connect with donors and raise funds for the College during the present pandemic. Usually, Emmanuel hosts a large autumn fundraiser called Run to Fund, in which participants acquire donations in support of an endurance run, but this year the event was called off due to the pandemic situation. This online-event series is intended to be a partial replacement for Run to Fund.

The Advent Concert will be streamed publicly on December 1 from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Registration is not necessary but is preferred, as it allows the College to get a sense of how many people will be attending and who in the community will be participating. The College will provide various means of making donations.

With Christmas in view, the College is also selling special Emmanuel Christmas ornaments for $7.50 each. Those who give a donation of $50 or more will be sent a complimentary ornament. To purchase an ornament, please contact