5 Saturday workshops 9 am to 4 pm.
Coffee and snacks upon arrival and lunch each day are included!

Register for the specific weeks that interest you.
Attend all 5 workshops and earn the
Practical Certificate in Crisis and Trauma Recovery.*

It is estimated that upwards of 70% of people experience various forms of trauma in their lifetime. Recent trends suggest that this number is going to climb.

As representatives of Christ, we must be equipped to come alongside and support those impacted by such trauma and crises.

  • Introduction to Crisis and Trauma - Cost: $99

    Date TBA - Presenter: Kerris del Rosario, PhD - This workshop will provide a foundational understanding of crisis and trauma, and will explore the way each impacts people and their well being.

  • Trauma and Families - Cost: $99

    Date TBA - AM Presenter: Al Voort, MSW "Children and Trauma" - PM Presenter: Lucy Chaimiti "Refugees and Trauma" - These workshops will provide specialized information regarding trauma and crises experienced by children and families, including both residents and newcomers to Canada. Participants will also learn basic ways of supporting families through the challenges they face following exposure to traumatic events.

  • Trauma and Death - Cost: $99

    Date TBA - AM Presenter: Jeff Naber "Trauma and Mass Violence" - PM Presenter Donna Mann, MTS, MA Death & End-of-Life"- These workshops address issues of death, including both anticipated and unexpected traumatic events. Participants will also learn basic ways of supporting individuals and their families around end-of-life issues from several perspectives including counselling and chaplaincy or spiritual care.

  • A First response to trauma - Cost: FREE

    Date TBA- Co-Presenters: Merle Doherty and Ann Gillies, PhD "Sharing Hope in Crisis" - This workshop will help pastors, counsellors, first responders, and other church and ministry leaders understand how to support and comfort hurting people with the love of God in times of crisis. Special thanks to Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Canada for covering the costs of today's workshop.

  • So what do you do? How to care for self and others - Cost: $99

    Date TBA - AM Presenter: Phil Kaethler, MBC, MA “Caring for Care Givers" – PM Presenter: Aaron Smith, MTS, MA, PhD (cand.) “How to care for others during and following crises or trauma” – These workshops will tie together the previous workshops, and will explore subjects such as: What we have learned so far, and its role in recovery; and How to help others and take care of self both during and following a crisis or traumatic event. These workshops will also provide participants with many techniques, interventions, and other practical skills necessary to help both others and self.

Each of our Workshop Facilitators are Christian practitioners who are specialists in their field
and will help us engage with the spiritual side of trauma and crisis recovery.

  • Lucy Chaimiti

    Executive Director of Adam House, a non-profit Christian organization serving refugee claimants to Canada.

  • Kerris del Rosario, PhD

    Registered Psychologist specializing in psychological and psychoeducational assessments and therapeutic services.

  • Merle Doherty

    Manager of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association Canadian Rapid Response Team.

  • Ann Gillies, PhD

    Executive Director of Redeemed to Restore Ministries and the Chaplain Co-orinator for the Billy Graham Evangelical Association Canadian Rapid Response Team.

  • Phil Kaethler, MBC, MA

    Registered Psychotherapist, specializing in crisis recovery; former Director of Support and Recovery Ministries, Bethany Community Church (EMCC).

  • Donna Mann, MTS, MA

    Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner specializing in palliative care.

  • Jeff Nabor

    Manager, Law Enforcement Ministry - Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. In addition to being responsible for the crisis training and development of 2500+ chaplains throughout the United States, Jeff has both served as a chaplain and led teams of crisis trained chaplains at major disaster sites throughout the world.

  • Aaron Smith, MTS, MA, PhD (cand.)

    Registered Psychotherapist; Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist; Assistant Professor, Counselling Studies & Human Services, Emmanuel Bible College.

  • Al Voort, MSW

    Registered Social Worker specializing in child, adolescent and family therapy.