The Engaging Series

Telling Your story

What is the Engaging Series?

You may know your family’s story, where your grandparents lived, and how your parents met. Or you may have traced your lineage back a dozen generations, perhaps even through DNA testing, to people in a dozen regions of the earth! For better or worse, their stories are part of your story!

As a Christian, you also have a story. There’s the story of God and His people in the Old Testament and Jesus and His disciples in the New Testament. There’s the 2,000-year history of the church and the 230-year history since the. Want to know and tell those stories better? Consider taking the Engaging Series. This is a self-paced online certificate of five courses: 3 courses that help you learn 3 big stories and 2 that help you tell those stories better. All five courses are based on Emmanuel Bible College degree courses.

Why Story-Telling?
For traditional education, writing papers is an excellent way to measure how well a learner is doing. For non-traditional learning, like this certificate, it’s a more practical approach to see if you can tell a story. Complete the online activities, practice with a friend over coffee, and practice with a church supervisor to hone your knowledge and skills and heart by hearing the stories you tell. Then you’re more confident to lead Bible studies, discuss important issues and help others learn by discussion too.

Features of the Engaging Series

  • Same type of content as Bible College but without taking exams or writing research papers.
  • Developed by Bible College faculty.
  • Take quizzes to know you’re getting the details right.
  • Write reflection papers to know you’re improving in telling your story.
  • Self-paced – take the 5 courses at your own pace.
  • Recorded videos, short readings.
  • Practical ideas for practicing telling the stories.

This is for you if you want to...

  • More confidently express your faith..
  • More ably articulate different faith perspectives.
  • Appreciate others’ points of view within the church.
  • Lead bible studies with more clarity.
  • Learn from other sources more effectively.
  • Deepen your walk with Christ.

Should I do this Certificate, or get a theological degree?

Not everyone who serves or even works in a church position needs a theological degree, but you do need theological training and understanding. A Certificate can fit into your schedule more easily and does not require the same time commitment as a degree. In the Certificate courses, you will receive instruction from the same Professors who teach our college courses. You may also be able to use these courses to become credentialed in your denomination. Please talk to your denomination to find out more. You can also take these courses for credit as part of a theological degree if you prefer. Talk to us about how!

KNOW yOur story better...

  • The story of God's people in the Old Testament.

    Engaging The Old Testament
    Describing the history of God’s people from Genesis to Malachi.

  • The story of God’s people in the New Testament.

    Engaging The New Testament
    Explaining how Jesus changed everything from Matthew to Revelation.

  • The story of God’s people in Church History.

    Engaging Church History
    Arranging major themes, events and people from 2,000 years of church history.

TELL yOur story better...

  • The Ways the Bible Tells its Stories

    Engaging The Bible Skillfully
    Identifying some of the major genres of biblical writing, such as poetry and history, can help you interpret the Bible’s stories better.

  • The Ways Theologians Talk about God.

    Engaging Theology
    Identifying some of the major ‘ologies’ in theology, such as Christology and Ecclesiology, can help you connect God’s stories better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for each course is $350, which is due as you register to take them. You can register for the Engaging Series Learning Hub for free and then access and pay for courses within the Learning Hub.