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Field Education – Find Your Calling

Heather Antoni, our Field Education Teaching Assistant, discusses the life-changing impact of Field Education this week. 

Field Education placements are one of the most beneficial aspects of the learning experience at Emmanuel Bible College. These placements push students to reach beyond their comfort zone and explore areas of ministry they may not have otherwise considered.

Field Education also teaches students that ministry is not limited to the church but includes many different realms, such as environmental and social justice. Knowing that ministry can be done outside of the church can be a comfort to students. Some may not feel called to work within the church after completing their education and may instead choose to serve the community outside of the church. Fortunately, God designs individuals to complete the good works that He has set apart for them. Field Education is a great step in discovering where His calling may lie.

As a student at Emmanuel Bible College, my Field Education experiences were incredibly fulfilling. They gave me the opportunity to discern my calling. My final placement took me to Manitoulin Island where I worked primarily with aboriginal children and youth on a reserve. I lived with a host family of full-time missionaries and two other interns for 10 weeks. This experience stretched me beyond what I ever thought possible and helped me clarify long-term goals for my life.

I am incredibly grateful for my educational experience at EBC because it prepared me for cross-cultural ministry. Through courses such as Missional Discipleship, Perspectives in World Missions and Contemporary Evangelism I learned the importance of missions and gained the strength and knowledge to engage in culturally sensitive mission work.

I now sit on the other side of the fence as the Field Education Teaching Assistant. Because I genuinely believe in the benefit and importance of these experiences, I am thrilled to be in a position where I get to promote these opportunities and support the department Director.

Students can begin or continue their own Field Education journeys by finding opportunities on the EBC website or by speaking with members of the Field Education department or other staff and faculty members. We have a genuine willingness to see students succeed on their educational journey. Placement opportunities are available within the school, Kitchener-Waterloo, surrounding areas and beyond.

Start exploring God’s calling for your life!

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