Generous Donation Provides Chapel Team with Music Equipment

February 6, 2020

Several weeks ago the Centre in the Square Community Fund gave Emmanuel a generous $1,000 donation for the purchasing of music- or sound-related equipment. Residence Director Abby Cotie used the funds to buy microphones, cables, and other gear for use in Chapel services.

The microphones and cables replaced older ones that had been damaged over time. With the new equipment, the amplified sound in the Chapel services is clearer and of better quality, making for more enjoyable music and more effective oral communication.

Cotie purchased the equipment last month, and the Chapel Team began using it at the first service of the semester.

Chapel services take place every Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday services typically feature worship music and a message from a guest speaker, roughly following the pattern of Sunday services held in most evangelical churches. Thursday services are less traditional and more creative. The entire service might consist of, for example, group discussion on a particular topic. In most cases Thursday Chapels do not include music.

Future speakers include Scott Burton of Reach Forth (Tuesday, February 4), Julia Maier of the Gideons (Tuesday, February 18), and astronomy photographer Greg Taylor (Thursday, March 5).

The new gear will not be enjoyed only by speakers and musicians. Others are involved with the technical aspects of the Chapel service, operating the sound system and helping with the setup and tear-down of equipment. This type of involvement provides them with skills that often prove useful in practical ministry settings.

The Centre in the Square is a large performing-arts and theatre venue on Queen Street in downtown Kitchener. It stands near the site where Emmanuel Bible College was located before it moved to the present property.