Hybrid Learning

New this fall: Hybrid learning

Hybrid learning combines traditional, face-to-face “seat time” with some online and independent learning activities. The purpose of hybrid learning is to take advantage of the best features of both online and more traditional forms of learning.

what does this mean for the fall?

As long as COVID-19 guidelines and regulations permit, we hope to do a three-week class rotation. The first week would be face-to-face “seat time” classes, the following week would be online and the third week would take a form of independent learning activities.

How is this different from past years?

In past years we were only able to offer Distance Education courses online. We now have the capability to offer ALL classes online in some form, although we still want to give students the option of in-person classes. Community, whether online or in person, is still very important to us, and we are trying to make it accessible to everyone.

What are the technical requirements?

Using a computer with Chrome gives the best user experience. We also ask Live Online students to use a headset, as it helps manage the audio for all learners. Finally, you’ll need an Internet connection that can support live streaming. Click here for details.

Why hybrid learning?

As society continues to change and become more online, we want to change with it and make our classes and ministry accessible to anyone. We want to prepare our students for future training online as we equip them for ministry beyond Emmanuel.

If you have any questions about Hybrid Learning, please email admissions@emmanuelbiblecollege.ca