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Job Description for Associate Pastor of Family Life

“We are a community of people growing together
in knowing God and making Him known.”


Prince Albert Alliance Church (PAAC) is looking for a full-time Associate Pastor of Family Life with an emphasis on youth and to give general oversight to our children’s ministry and be a bridge to those graduating from grade 12 into the working world or higher education.

Who we are:

Prince Albert (PA) is the third largest city in Saskatchewan, home to over 36,000 people, located along the North Saskatchewan River. PAAC has been serving the community of PA for over 50 years and had an average attendance Sunday morning of 350 pre CoVid but now is hovering around 175 – 200.  Likewise our youth group suffered during CoVid and we are looking for someone who is committed to working alongside our pastoral staff and families in our church to building our youth program into a vibrant group that is connected relationally to each other and to Jesus Christ and desiring to reach out with Jesus’s love to those in their sphere of influence.  There is a huge need in our city for a safe place for youth to gather. Our children’s ministry is known throughout the city and has a strong volunteer base running all our programming from Sunday school to Kidzone/BLAST/Toddler Room during the church service to Awana on Wednesday night.  We are needing someone to oversee these ministries.

Job Description:

The Family Life Pastor will give primary focus to Youth and give general oversight to all ministries that minister to children from birth to grade 12 and help our graduates as they transition out of grade 12.

Oversight will require the seeking, equipping, empowering, and evaluating of ministry leaders for all children’s ministries and outreaches.

Overall Goal:

Coordinate and oversee activities for teens, children, and families
that promote connectedness, knowing God and making Him known.

Youth Ministry Expectations:

1. Serve as the primary youth speaker, teaching God’s word in a way that is both relevant to the age and culture of a teen and produces lasting life change.

2. Develop gifts of youth and offer plenty of opportunities for them to lead in ministry.

3. Motivate youth in doing evangelism both through lifestyle and through planned outreach.

4. Direct and conduct weekly youth meetings, including large group and small group meetings.

5. Attend and help out as needed with Youth Sunday school on Sunday morning.

8. Communicate and promote activities (dates, times, etc.) to youth, congregation, and community through announcements, meetings, church bulletin, social media, mailings, posters, etc.

9. Establish and maintain healthy relationships with local schools.


Children’s Ministry Expectations:

Emphasis given to training leaders who will lead different children and family ministries.

1. Work with ministry leaders to find, recommend, and make available curriculum for children.

2. Organize and provide equipment needed for effective ministry to children and families.

3. Provide opportunities for children to lead in ministry. (We believe kids are not ONLY our future ministers, but are also called to ministry today.)

4. Work with children’s leaders in providing job descriptions and requirements of workers.

5. Work with parents of children.

6. Encourage communication between parents, children, and children’s ministry leaders.


General Expectations:

The following are expectations for all Pastoral staff at Prince Albert Alliance Church:

1. Be involved in a Community Group.

2. Meet with a mentoring adult on a monthly basis who will be able to challenge you and listen to your heart, pray with you and for you.

3. Faithfully tithe and generously give.

4. Keep a calendar of events 6 months in advance. The calendar should include any events you are planning. Your calendar can change; the goal here is vison and preparation.

5. Be where you say you will be when you say you will be there, and be prepared.

6. Keep an “I can” attitude. You will be faced with challenges that will demand learning new skills and rethinking strategies. Instead of, “I have never done that,” our attitudes should be, “I will give it my best.”

7. Education is a lifestyle. All staff are expected to keep learning through reading, studying, and continuing education.

8. Attend staff meetings.

9. Participate in all general church services and functions.

10. Maintain office hours in balance between expectations for a member of the church staff and the realities of effective ministry.

11. Accountability – The Family Life Pastor is directly accountable to the Lead Pastor in all matters relating to his or her ministry and conduct.

12. Maintain regular prayer, study, fasting, and serving.


Competencies for Family Life Pastor:

1. Integrity, humility, and service – It is taken for granted that a person who is pursuing full-time compensated ministry will live a life of integrity, humility, and service. These characteristics are not optional.

2. Pragmatic – Must be able to generate sensible, realistic, and practical solutions to problems.

3. Resourceful – Passionately finds ways over, around, or through barriers to success. Achieves results despite lack of resources. Goes beyond the call of duty. A “doer.”

4. First Impression – Professional in demeanor, creates favorable first impression – body language, eye contact, posture.

5. Team Player – Reaches out to peers. Overcomes “we – they.” Approachable. Leads peers to do what is best for the organization.

6. Conflict Management – Understands natural forces of conflict and acts to prevent or soften them. Effectively works through conflicts to optimize outcome. Does not suppress, ignore, or deny conflicts.

7. Drive – Exhibits energy, a strong desire to achieve, and a high dedication level.

8. Multi-Task – The Family Life Pastor will have to oversee several people at the same time. The ability to do several tasks is imperative.

9. Self-Motivated – The Lead Pastor believes in his staff. He is not looking to micro-manage a ministry. He is looking for someone that has an intrinsic motivation to give and do his or her best.

10. Technology – Sees culture trends and technology as tools to reach people.

11. Relational – The ideal candidate should be able to relate to, connect, and engage children, teens, and adults.


Experience Qualifications:

1. At least 3 years of leadership experience.

2. Minimum of a four-year college degree preferred, but can be negotiated based on years of experience.

3. Must agree and support the Alliance church Statement of Faith and the Prince Albert Alliance church policies/procedures/governance document.

4. Accredited with the C&MA or be willing to get accreditation. (link for viewing accreditation process)


Please provide:

– A cover letter explaining why you think this job will be a good fit for you and us.

– Resume

– A picture of you and family, where applicable

– Please answer the following questions:

What is your philosophy of ministry? What does ministry look like to you?

What nationally known Pastors or churches have influenced you?

What books or blogs have you read over the past 24 months that have influenced you?

If you could do anything in life, what would you do?


Contact Information:

Pastor Mark Bergen:

To apply for this job email your details to