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The Pastor gives overall direction to the proclamation and development of the vision and values of Ritson Road Alliance Church, ensuring a biblically robust, culturally sensitive, Spirit empowered engagement with the church congregation, local neighbourhood and broader communities.

Role and responsibilities

·       Teaching – in this role, he functions as the primary preacher and may take on additional teaching opportunities within the congregation as he deems advisable (small groups, membership class, baptismal instruction)

·       Shepherding – demonstrates a heart for people, humbly and intentionally looking out for their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being.

·       Leadership – meets regularly with the Elders and other church ministry leaders for development and to ensure that alignment with the church’s vision and objectives is demonstrated.

·       Staff oversight – acts as the team leader, coaching staff members in their personal development, setting ministry objectives and monitoring progress.

·       Administration – is alert to the overall operations of the church, ensuring financial accountability and ethical practices.

·       Worldview – Promotes, encourages, supports and prays for the church’s local, national and international mission involvement.

Behavioural Expectations

·       Demonstrated Disciple Maker – committed to the importance of making disciples and is actively involved in discipling relationships.

·       Disciplined preacher – with a deep respect and understanding of God’s Word, communicating both the content and the relevance/application.

·       Passionate about Jesus – able to motivate others by his vision of Jesus and His message.

·       Relatable – able to relate to and engage with a multi-generational and growing multi-ethnic community with genuineness and respect.

·       Courageous – ability to clearly communicate in a compelling way the church’s purpose and direction with a willingness to be innovative and bold when discerning the leading of the Holy Spirit.

·       Compassionate – showing a sensitivity to the struggles that people face with a posture of faith, hope and love.

Spiritual Gifts

Consistent with the imparting of gifts by the Spirit of God the Pastor, like any member of the body of Christ, is uniquely gifted and should seek to minister primarily within the area of giftedness.  While there are many suitable combinations of gifts, we believe that our church community will be ideally served by a pastoral candidate who possesses the following spiritual gifts:

·       Pastor – The supernatural ability to care for, feed, and protect the long-term spiritual needs of individuals or groups in the body of Christ.

·       Teacher – The supernatural ability to clearly and accurately communicate the truths of the Bible in such a way that people learn.

·       Exhortation – The supernatural ability to encourage, comfort, challenge or rebuke others to action in such a way that they respond.

·       Leadership – The supernatural ability to provide overall vision for the body of Christ and provide direction for others in such a way that they willingly follow and work together.


In June of 1954, the work of The Alliance Canada began in Oshawa under the leadership of Rev. William Newell.  The congregation began meeting in a large tent and later moved its services to a school.  In March of 1956, the church was formally organized with 29 charter members.  Steady growth of the church led to the purchase and renovation of a building as well as the construction of a parsonage in 1957.

Continued growth during the sixties led to the purchase of a prime piece of property on Ritson Road in the developing area of North Oshawa.  Ground breaking for the construction of a building took place in May 1970 with completion and occupancy occurring in January 1971.  During the period of construction, the church met at the neighbouring Hillsdale Public School.

The congregation has been served by a number of pastors; each having been used by God to shape a legacy of faithful commitment to the mission of Jesus.  These include: Rev. William Newell (founding pastor), Rev. Victor Freeman, Rev. Richard Baker, Rev. John Robb, Rev. Kenneth Weston, Rev. David Phillips, Rev. George Ross, Rev. Alan Nikkel, Dr. Ron MacKinnon, Rev. John Westenberg, Rev. Mark Jealouse (Interim Pastor) and Rev. Kris Corbin.  Currently Rev. David Lewis is serving as a transitional lead pastor on contract and is working through a renewal and pastoral search process.

The church is known for its family atmosphere and the realization that as members of one another in the Body of Christ we are to practice serving one another with the gifts given by the Spirit of God.  Over the years a variety of church programs have been offered.  However, there is now the need to prioritize the ministries provided to reflect the current realities of people’s schedules and limited numbers.  On Sundays, the church gathers for worship.  This includes providing nursery services for children under 3 and Kids Own Ministry for children ages 4 to 10 who are dismissed midway through the worship service.  For the most part, other ministries including youth, small group meetings, Bible quizzing and community care are held off site, mostly in homes.  The congregation is currently supporting a new venture ministry to the Filipino community that meets in the church building.  Rental agreements for the use of the building have also been made with various community agencies.

Although the church is currently in a period of decline with average Sunday attendance ranging from 50 – 70, there is a growing awareness that the Spirit of God is generating a renewed sense of hope and purpose.  A reworked vision statement has prompted a more intentional pursuit of the unique position the church has as a community of Christ followers where God has located them.  There is the strength of a committed core of people who have the faith to see the opportunities for disciple making that God is providing by His grace.  This is the time to rekindle faith, hope and love.  The church is looking for a pastor who will join in exploring the possibilities for making a redemptive difference through the spread of the Good News of Jesus.

Vision Statement

We are a community of Christ followers, committed to being changed by God, making disciples and sharing God’s love with our world.


The neighbourhood around the church has been experiencing significant change in recent years.  In the past 5 years the neighbourhood has seen a growth rate in house sales of over 60%.  Affordable housing has led to young families moving into the area.  The largest age demographic in the neighbourhood and surrounding community is 30 – 44.

While located in the city of Oshawa, the church also draws people from the greater Durham Region including Clarington, Bowmanville, Whitby, Ajax, and Brooklin providing a population base reaching upwards to 500,000.  Oshawa is the largest city in the Durham Region and is experiencing strong growth, with a notable increase in cultural diversity.  The number of post-secondary institutions in Oshawa is attracting a rapidly growing student population.  The following link gives an informative overview of the city.

Like many growing municipalities, Oshawa is experiencing a rise in concerning social trends.  Areas of the city are reflecting an increase in homelessness.  There is a pressing shortage of low-income housing.   Drug addiction and mental illness are creating pressing needs.  There are social programs being developed by community care agencies, giving room for the church to engage in partnership with those agencies that bring support and provide dignity to those struggling with debilitating social issues.


·       Theological training from an accredited Bible College, Seminary, or Christian University resulting in being conferred with a Bachelor degree

·       Accredited with the Alliance in Canada or willing to gain accreditation

·       Pastoral teaching/preaching experience in a church setting (at least 5 years with the Alliance preferably)

·       Demonstration of missional community involvement as a carrier of the presence of Jesus


Ritson Road Alliance Church is a member of The Alliance Canada (formerly known as the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada). The Alliance Canada is a group of approximately 440 local churches across Canada that aims to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, and Mission-focused movement in everything we do.  For further information on The Alliance Canada visit


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January 31, 2024 the cut off date.

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