New Kitchen Opens, Serves Students

October 31, 2019

This Monday the College’s new kitchen officially opened and began to serve students, marking the close of a large-scale renovation project started earlier in the year.

The kitchen was built to replace the food-services facilities previously located in the Campus Centre, one of the buildings included in the land sale that took place in fall 2018. In the interim period between leaving the Campus Centre and using the newly constructed kitchen, food staff had been preparing hot meals off-campus and bringing them to the school.

This year the College had contractors transform a classroom into the kitchen and connect it with the nearby café, which is now used for serving the food. This extensive project provided the food-services team with a spacious and well-equipped work area that is designed to promote efficiency.

These improvements will assist the staff in producing their widely appreciated food. For many residence students, one of the most enjoyable aspects of living at Emmanuel is eating hearty and nutritious meals each weekday. Visitors to campus also frequently comment of the quality of the dishes.

Tim Beatty, the director of food services & catering, is excited about his new workspace. In particular, he is pleased about being centrally located, as he now has more opportunities to interact with students. He also believes that the main hub of on-campus activity—the Sherk Lounge, to which the new kitchen and servery are joined—is a fitting place for students to receive their meals.

“Community is formed one plate at a time,” he said.

Earlier this month, Emmanuel held its third annual Run to Fund event to raise money for new kitchen equipment. The fundraiser was a tremendous success, surpassing the ten-thousand-dollar target. Beatty expects that this equipment will be installed in the near future.