Hot Topics in the Tabernacle, Mental Health & Suicide, January 29th, Making Visitors Feel Welcome, January 26th, Disability and the Church, April 2nd

This year, we hope to encourage an environment of openness and healthy discussion with a few days dedicated to topics that need to be addressed both in ministry and the church. These topics include Mental Health & Suicide; Making Visitors Feel Welcome; and Disabilities.

Each Saturday will include a speaker or two dedicated to their topic of expertise. The day will begin at 9 am and finish at 3 pm. This is a free event; however, if you would like to donate to the college, there will be an opportunity to do so on the registration page. Each Saturday, we hope to have in-person and online options. However, if we go back into lockdown, we will move to only an online option. Lunch will not be provided, but there will be an hour and a half break for lunch, so you can eat out or bring a bagged lunch.

Postponed Fall 2022/ Making Visitors Feel Welcome

Mike and Lauren Wasyluk

Mike & Lauren Wasyluk

Church Helper

Postponed to the Fall
This practical workshop about making visitors feel welcome before, during and after their visit will provide you with digital and in-person strategies you can implement in your church right away - no matter the size of your staff or congregation.

Postponed to Fall 2022/ Disability and the Church

In their workshop “Disability and the Church,” you will hear first-hand perspectives on barriers and blessings faced by individuals and families who experience disability in the midst of the pandemic and beyond. This workshop will familiarize you with free tools and strategies you can use to address specific barriers or develop manageable action plans to enhance accessibility for all. You will have the opportunity to reflect on various kinds of barriers in your context, share successes and challenges that you have had in addressing them and develop new strategies. You will also gain insight into ways that you can promote accessibility, inclusion and belonging in churches and communities worldwide.

Picture of Chantal Huinink

Chantal Huinink

Chantal Huinink is a motivational speaker, author and social justice advocate who serves as the Coordinator of Organizational and Spiritual Life for Christian Horizons and recently founded Faith and Wheelpower Ministries. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Guelph and her Masters of Divinity and Social Work from Martin Luther University College. Chantal is a Christian Reformed Chaplain who is working towards her designation as a spiritual care practitioner. Her education and experience as a woman with a physical disability have made her keenly aware of the need for holistic care, including consideration of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

Picture of Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace is the Executive Director of Organizational Culture and International Partnerships for Christian Horizons. Mark came to Christian Horizons as a member of the Spiritual Life team in 2007. For the past nine years, he has been leading and overseeing the work of Christian Horizons internationally in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti and Nicaragua. Mark, his wife Eva and their three children have also been involved in the Christian Horizons family camps in various ways since they began offering them for families affected by disability. Mark is passionate about how persons with disabilities can be contributing members of communities in which they belong. He also desires to see all who serve, serve out of fullness and give generously. He often speaks against burnout and compassion fatigue.

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