Staff and Faculty Deck the Halls in Door-Decorating Contest

December 5, 2019

Since last week, with the Fall semester approaching its end and the Christmas season beginning, staff and faculty have been cultivating a festive spirit by competing in a door-decorating contest.

This year’s theme is “blue Christmas,” and contestants have capitalized on the theme’s flexibility and ambiguity. Some, such as Field Education Coordinator Mark Thornton, have used the colour blue in portraying nighttime nativity-story scenes, in Thornton’s case the appearance of the angels to the shepherds. In one of the text boxes he notes that this narrative is a biblical example of “field” education.








Others have taken the word “blue” as indicating a mood of sadness, as in the classic Elvis Presley song “Blue Christmas.” The Admissions Office has taken this approach, depicting a snowman who is particularly disappointed by a green Christmas.








More imaginative and less traditional displays are also featured in this year’s contest. Among them is the door to the Business Office, decorated by Human Resources and Office Manager Roxy Reader. In this scene a festive group of aquatic creatures celebrates under the deep blue sea.








The contest ends on Friday, December 6, and a panel of students will act as judges. The winners will be announced and will receive their prizes about two weeks after the end of the decorating period.

As you enjoy your own Christmas traditions and perhaps create new ones, we invite you to join us in praying for our students, who at this time are completing assignments and preparing for final exams.

The featured image at the top of the page shows the door of Assistant Academic Dean & Registrar Hughson Ong.