2020–2021 Information

Due to the current pandemic situation, the Emmanuel Bible College campus is closed until further notice. Those with questions or concerns may contact the College at info@emmanuelbiblecollege.ca.

Even though the campus is closed, the College is still operating, and the Winter 2021 semester will proceed as planned. See below for more details.

Fall 2020

Most courses are offered exclusively through Distance Education (also known as Distributed Learning). In this mode of learning, instead of having live lectures in person or online, students learn at their own pace within the framework of a regular academic semester. Students still complete research papers and other typical assignments and receive grades as usual. Two courses are offered through Live Online, in which students participate in live lectures through two-way internet streaming. To review the large selection of courses available this semester, view the Fall 2020 Courses list. Any questions relating to academics may be addressed to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@emmanuelbiblecollege.ca.

The campus is closed to the public but is offering select services to students. The Library has resumed limited operations, Residence rooms are being rented, and certain areas of the J. H. Sherk Education Centre are available as study space. The College is also hosting a number of events for students. Important safety protocols and restrictions are in place for all of these operations, services, and events. Contact studentlife@emmanuelbiblecollege.ca for more information.

Winter 2021

Emmanuel is proud to announce Distance Education Plus (DE+), which augments the existing Distance Education model to offer a blend of independent and livestreamed education. Throughout the semester, all students will attend four to six one-hour livestreamed sessions with the professor. These sessions will provide opportunities for short lectures, class discussion, and group activities.

All the sessions for a particular course will take place at the same time in the week (e.g., Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.) as specified on the Course Schedule, but sessions will not necessarily take place in consecutive weeks. The professor will select the weeks on which there will be a session. These dates will be stated at the beginning of the semester in the syllabus and on Populi, the school’s college-management system.

Additionally, professors will be available for online office hours, providing further opportunities for engagement with students.

The remainder of the learning will be done independently within the framework of a regular academic semester, as in the Distance Education model. There will be assignments and due dates as usual.

In the Winter 2021 semester, thirteen courses will be conducted through the DE+ model. Eleven courses will be available in an independent-learning format, three of them through Emmanuel’s Distance Education and eight through Rocky Mountain College’s Distributed Learning model, which takes the same approach as Emmanuel’s Distance Education.