The 2019 Federal Election – How can Christians be involved?

The next Canadian federal election will take place on or before October 21, 2019. We have asked experts at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (an organization with which Emmanuel Bible College is affiliated) about our responsibilities as Christians and citizens in the upcoming election.

Should Christians be interested or concerned about an election? Does voting matter?
Voting does matter. It matters greatly. When Christians vote, we are seeking the good of those around us and our country. That is a very biblical thing to do. The EFC believes that participating in discussions about public policy and politics – and engaging in an informed and compassionate manner – is an important part of our witness.

How can Christians be involved in the election?
There are many ways for Christians to be involved. We can pray for our elected officials and candidates. We can volunteer for campaigns. We can run for office ourselves, of course. Churches can also be engaged by hosting an all-candidates meeting. The EFC offers guidelines on how to do that properly.

Are there things that churches can or cannot do during elections?
Yes, there are guidelines for what churches can and cannot do during elections if they are registered as charities with the government. Here are a couple of positive things. Church members can get to know the candidates, pray for them and ask about issues of interest or concern. The EFC provides sample questions for candidates to help people do that. Churches are also free to provide information on issues of interest or concern that flow from biblical teaching if the church does not link its views to any party or candidate.

The list of things a church cannot do includes promoting or opposing any single candidate or political party. Churches cannot use their resources to support a candidate or party, including posting signs for a candidate or political party on church property. And of course, a church cannot endorse a candidate or party. There is more information on this on our website,, as part of our election kit.