Update on COVID-19: April 14, 2020

We are providing a further update relating to Emmanuel’s response to the COVID-19 situation.

The Winter semester is coming to an end this week as students write final exams and finish course assignments. The past four weeks of classes have been completed online without any significant problems. Students and faculty have learned much about how to connect and learn together using digital technology. After the week is over, faculty will be busy marking papers and exams and ensuring that final course grades are submitted. The College has not been designated as an essential workplace by the Province and therefore remains closed at this time. Staff continue to work from home, and we will resume normal operations when we are able. Administrative staff will be checking for mail and ensuring all responsibilities are met.

We are asking our community of faculty, staff, and students to be in prayer for one another and to maintain as much contact with each other as possible as they practise social distancing, taking time to reach out and offer encouragement. Please pray for students especially, as many were planning for summer employment and ministry opportunities that may not be available at this time. Lack of summer income may impact the ability of students to pay tuition in the fall. All of us are learning what it means to trust in the Lord and in His provision for our daily needs.

Thank you for your cooperation, flexibility, and support in these days of rapid change.

Grace & peace,

Dr. Stephen Roy
President & Dean