President's Message

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Board of Governors

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President’s Message

“We are part of a ‘spiritually robust, culturally relevant, and professionally respected movement making a global gospel impact.'”Mr. WordPress

Our vision at Emmanuel remains unchanged and unapologetic: to be a multidivisional educational ministry delivering both accredited and non-accredited forms of ministry and discipleship training through diverse forms of delivery for the direct benefit of the local church. We believe the role of the Bible College today is more important and more strategic than ever, and we seek to move into the future with confidence that God is with us and that He calls us in these times to be innovative, responsive, and collaborative.

We also believe the church today is more in need of theologically trained next generation leaders than ever before. (We’ve been doing just that, for 77 years!). We witness daily the Bible College’s ability to impact lives for Christ in students of all ages and alongside our partner ABHE institutions across North America believe we are part of a “spiritually robust, culturally relevant, and professionally respected movement making a global gospel impact.”

I am delighted you are considering the college as part of your life journey. We are an institution committed to ministry training and discipleship. Our programs and courses are designed to provide emphasis on active discipleship and to generate a passion for outreach and global mission. Students at Emmanuel experience steady growth in their spiritual development and maturity. Graduates affirm that their time at the college helps them develop their understanding of the Bible, their ability to interpret and apply Scripture, and their love for God. Many go on to serve in various roles both in vocational ministry and as church leaders and market-place ministers.

I pray you will consider what Emmanuel has to offer and how God might be leading and guiding you towards connecting with an educational institution about your future. I look forward to you discovering what God has for you in the future knowing that indeed He is Emmanuel, God with us.

President’s Cabinet Executive Leadership Team

Anita Boles
Chief Financial & Operations Officer
Stephen Roy
President & Dean
Mark Walther
Chief Student Development Officer

Board of Governors

Dwayne Buhler
Pastor, Hazelglen Alliance Church, Kitchener, ON
Phil Desjardine
Pastor, Palmerston Evangelical Missionary Church, Palmerston, ON
Ernest Dow

Executive Pastor, Huron Chapel, Auburn, ON
Tim Jacobson
Training & Development Facilitator, SIM Canada, Toronto, ON
Terri Mazik

Executive Director, Sawubona Project

Lynn McPherson
Associate Pastor, First Muskoka Congregational Christian Church, Bala, ON
Peter Mumford

Former veterinary pharmaceutical sales manager (retired)
Paul Plato
Retired IT manager, current M.T.S. student at Conrad Grebel University College, University of Waterloo
Ben Platz
Executive Director, Nightlight Canada, Kingston, ON
Kervin Raugust
President, Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada
Chris Rutledge
Business Administrator, Wilmot Centre Missionary Church, Wilmot, ON
Milly Siderius
Accounting & Administration Specialist, QTI, Toronto, ON
Wendy Wagler
Meeting Leader, Weight Watchers Canada
Gina Waugh
Marketing Director, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Markham, ON