Suggested Application Deadline: June 1st for September start, October 1st for January start.

How to Become an Emmanuel Wildcat

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    Complete the Online Application

    Apply online by filling out the application.

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    Contact your References

    All applicants are required to submit two references (one Pastoral and one Teacher or Employer).

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    Submit your Transcripts

    All applicants are required to submit an official high school diploma, or its equivalent from another province or country. Transfer students are also required to submit all post-secondary transcripts.

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    Submit your application fee

    Your $75 non-refundable application fee ($100USD for US/Int’l applicants) can be paid online, by cheque, over the phone or in person. Please be sure to put your full student name in the PayPal notes to credit the correct account.

Application Dates

To assist in having all of your funding ready for your start date we recommend that you have your application process completed by June 1 for fall semester, and October 1 for winter semester. We will accept applications after those deadlines. For International applicants please contact the Admissions Team for details on the International Application dates.

Submit the Application Fee

Submit the $75 non-refundable ($100USD USA/Int’l applicants) application fee either by phoning in your credit card information to 519-894-8900 x 221, paying by cheque, cash, or credit in person.

Occasional Student Applications

If you are interested in only taking one or two courses as an Occasional Student please fill out the Occasional Student Form and mail it to Emmanuel Bible College, Attention: Registrar. Students who wish to take more than five classes must be enrolled in a program, and apply through the admissions department.

Reference Forms

Once you submit your online application, your two references (one pastoral and one teacher or employer) will be emailed an electronic reference form. If your reference prefers a paper copy, you may download one here. Once completed please have the reference submit the form directly to Emmanuel Bible College, Attention: Admissions. Forms can be emailed, faxed or mailed.

Please note that family members are not accepted as references. The information that is given will be held in strict confidence.

Admissions Requirements

Each application and its supporting documents are carefully reviewed by the Admissions Committee to determine the suitability of the applicant to the college and its programs. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to refuse admission, or to defer admission to another program or another semester if deemed in the best interests of the student or the college.

With some exceptions, all students admitted to the college begin in a common first year of study (the MountainTop Certificate program), identifying the diploma or degree to which they are requesting entry for year two if they are planning to study beyond the MountainTop Certificate year.

General Admission Requirements

Canadian and US Applicants

Must hold a high school diploma (OSSD in Ontario, or its equivalent from another province or country) with a minimum Grade 12 average of 60%. Required courses include ENG4U, or ENG4M, or ENG4C at 60%.

Home-schooled applicants are expected to have completed and have graduated from their home school program. The College does an individualized assessment for these applicants, based upon the following:
• Completed questionnaire about educational experience (provided by Emmanuel).
• Anecdotal report from instructing parent.
• Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) score (test is available at Emmanuel or at most community colleges for a fee of approximately $35).
• Academic transcript of courses taken and grades achieved.
Mature students are those who:
• Do not have the OSSD (or equivalent from another province or country),
• Are at least 21 years of age at the time of registration,
• Have a minimum of 2 years work experience or significant life experience, and
• Have been away from formal education for at least 2 years.

Mature students must submit a Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) or equivalent to verify readiness for post-secondary studies. The CAAT is available at Emmanuel for free, or at most community colleges for a fee of approximately $35.

Program students not enrolled at the college for at least two years, but who are planning to return, must apply for re-admission. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.
• A transfer student is an applicant that is applying to Emmanuel Bible College from another post secondary institution, be it college or university. We offer a handful of programs designed for college or second-degree pathways. You can read more about those HERE.
• All transfer students must submit their official transcripts from their previous education. These documents must be signed and sealed in order to be considered official.
• Transfer credits will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Normally, transfer credits will be given for courses for which a minimum grade of ‘C’ or 64% has been achieved. Transfer credits are also assessed based on their applicability to the Emmanuel program to which you are applying.
• Further information, including course descriptions and syllabi may be requested by the Admissions or Registrar’s Office.
• A transfer student is required to complete at least the last 30 hours (10 courses) of the program at Emmanuel in order to qualify for graduation.
Emmanuel program applicants who have a criminal record are required to make full disclosure to the college. This includes a copy of the applicant’s criminal record, and a signed consent form to allow dialogue between the college and the Probation & Parole Services of Ontario. As an educational institution, preparing people to work in positions of trust, Emmanuel seeks to provide a safe learning community for all. A student with criminal history must demonstrate evidence of a changed life that is observable to others.

Failure to provide a copy of the criminal record or the signed consent form will result in the postponement of admission to Emmanuel. In cases where an applicant provides false, misleading or incomplete information on the application, that applicant may not be admitted. Where a current student is deemed to have provided false, misleading or incomplete information on the application, a meeting of the Student Conduct Committee will be called, and the student may face immediate expulsion.

US applicants must meet the same entrance requirements as a Canadian student, but will be required to submit a $100USD application fee. Once you are accepted, a Visa Support Letter will be issued to accompany your application for a student study permit & visa through the Canadian Embassy.

International Students

Emmanuel warmly welcomes all international students to Canada! The information below will aid prospective international students in the entire admissions process and entry into Canada.

Many students have come to Emmanuel from countries including Jamaica, Haiti, St. Kitts, the United States, Kuwait, China, Romania, Nigeria and beyond.

Applicants from countries other than Canada are required to give satisfactory evidence of sufficient financial resources to meet the current standards of Canadian immigration. All international students are urged to carefully assess their ability to meet the academic and financial requirements and processes.

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    Check to make sure you meet the university entrance requirements

    Applicants should have qualifications equivalent to university entrance requirements in their homeland.

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    Apply at least 8 months before your enrolment date

    A non-refundable application fee equal to $100USD is charged for processing international applications.

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    Submit official academic transcripts from all schools previously attended.

    Make sure they’re translated into English and include a letter from the institution verifying the language instruction.

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    Once accepted, apply for a Student Visa through the Canadian Embassy or High Commission in your country.

    You’ll need to satisfy current Canadian government standards for immigration to Canada relative to finances, passports, student visas, etc.

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    Pay your deposit

    Once accepted you’ll need to pay the $5800 deposit.

Additional Information
International Students are requested to submit official academic transcripts from all schools previously attended.
• If these transcripts are not in English, an official translation and a letter must accompany them from the institution verifying the language of instruction.
• If these transcripts are in English, a letter must accompany them from the institution verifying English as the language of instruction.
Applicants require a TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper) or 250 (computer based) or 75 (Internet-based test); or an IELTS score of at least 6.0.

International applicants are not required to provide a TOEFL or IELTS score if:
• Their first language is English, or
• They are bilingual francophone Canadians and have been educated in Canada, or
• Their 4 most recent years of full-time education have been taken entirely in English in a country outside of Canada.

More TOEFL information is available at For reporting purposes, Emmanuel’s TOEFL code is 8658.

Every applicant who desires to study in Canada, and is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, must obtain a study permit before entering Canada. Depending on your country of citizenship you may also be required to obtain an entry Visa. Once a student is accepted, a Visa Support Letter is issued for the student. Students should contact the nearest Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate once they are admitted to Emmanuel Bible College to begin the study permit application. Locate the Canadian Embassies and Consulates around the world.

To apply for a study permit, you will require:
• An acceptance letter from Emmanuel Bible College
• A valid passport or travel document
• Evidence that you have the required funding to cover your tuition fees, living expenses for yourself (and any family members who come with you to Canada),
• A ticket for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada, or evidence that the funds will be available for that purchase.
• Proof of good health. You may need to complete a medical exam.
• Be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada. You may have to provide a police certificate.
• Convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your studies.

For more information please visit Immigration and Citizenship Canada

International applicants who are admitted must also deposit $5800 with the college:
• $3000 toward their first-year fees.

• $2500 repatriation deposit which will be refunded to them upon completion of their program or withdrawal from the college.
• $300 non-refundable residence deposit.
Of this amount, a $300 administrative fee and the $300 residence deposit is retained if the admitted applicant does not attend the college.

The remainder of the student fees for one semester is payable at the beginning of that semester.

Christian Life and Lifestyle Requirements

Emmanuel applicants must give evidence of a personal commitment to Christ, and a life that reflects Christian values. Students are asked to sign the EBC Lifestyle Covenant as part of the application process.

Admissions Team

Still have questions about the application or admissions process? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are available to meet for pre-admission appointments.

Stephanie Gibson
Director of Admissions & OSAP Officer
519-894-8900 ext.224

Contact Stephanie

Adrienne Warner
Recruiter & Admissions Assistant
519-894-8900 ext. 279

Contact Adrienne