Graduation is an exciting time for students, but also for the College as a whole. As we take time to reflect on the journey God has lead us through and look ahead to where He would have us go next, we celebrate the women and men who are dedicating their lives to serving in the Church and in the world.

General Requirements

1. A minimum of one year of resident study or its equivalent (normally the last 30 hours) must be taken at Emmanuel.
2. A minimum AGPA of 2.0 for degree programs, or 1.8 for diploma and certificate programs.
3. Agreement with Emmanuel’s Tenets of Faith.
4. Compliance with the ethical standards outlined in the Student Handbook.
5. Clearance of all financial obligations to the College, including
graduation fee.
6. A completed Intent to Graduate form, submitted to the Registrar’s Office one full semester prior to the time of graduation.
7. Approval of the Academic Council.

Scholastic Honours

Full-time students obtaining a GPA of 3.5 or above in a given semester are placed on the Dean’s Honour List. Upon completion of their program of study, students may graduate with the following recognition:

GPA & Recognition
3.8-4.0 AGPA – First Class Honours
3.50-3.79 AGPA – Honours