Scholarships & Bursaries

General Criteria

Applications for Admissions Entrance Scholarships and Bursaries are due to the Admissions office no later than June 1st of each calendar year.

For more information on qualifications and how to apply, contact the Admissions Department.

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    Acceptance as a Full-time Student

    The applicant has already applied to EBC and has been accepted for full-time studies in a specific academic program.

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    Consistent Christian Character

    Submit a letter from your pastor verifying a consistent Christian character and desire for biblical training.

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    Academic Achievement

    All final transcripts should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office including final grades for courses complete during the spring term.

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    Financial Need

    Submit a letter briefly outlining the need for financial assistance. This should be verified by your pastor.

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    Academic Commitment

    Where applicant’s qualifications are the same, preference may be given to students planning to enter a 3 or 4-year program.

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    Recommendation by Admissions Committee

    The applicants request to be considered for an admissions award should be supported by the Admissions Committee after the on-campus interview.

New Student Scholarships & Bursaries

One scholarship of up to $1,500 is available to a son or daughter of a member of the Emmanuel Alumni Association who meets the General Criteria described above.
An annual scholarship of $500 is awarded to a person with extensive workplace experience who is devoting at least a year to Christian studies with the intention of returning to his/her career and to lay ministry. The applicant desires to improve biblical knowledge and Christian witness within the secular workforce and/or lay leadership in the church. An applicant who is a missionary on home assignment or a child of a missionary may also be considered. Applicants must also meet the General Criteria qualifications.
The successful applicant will demonstrate experience and involvement in their community, through more than 75 hours of voluntary service annually. Examples may include, church ministry, social service, community service (hours do not include hours required by your high school). Applicants are required to provide a signed reference letter from an appropriate supervisor including justification of the number of hours served. Valued between $250 to $1,000.
The successful applicant will be from a country outside of Canada or the United States and will demonstrate aptitude for learning in English and have a record of voluntary service as justified by a signed letter of reference. Valued between $250 to $1,000. Financial need will be considered.
Bursaries of up to 50% of tuition fees for each semester will be awarded to students married to a current EBC student. In order to qualify, applicants must be married to a current student taking a full course load. As well, applicants should be able to show financial need and Christian character. Each applicant will need to fill out the application form and send it in to the Admissions Department for approval. For more information, or to obtain an application form, please contact the Admissions Office.
The successful application is a new full-time EBC program student who has demonstrated a financial need. The award is valued between $250 to $1,000.
A President’s Scholarship of a minimum of $1000 may be available to a new full-time student who has just completed high school and is registered in an EBC degree program who has been designated by a secondary school as an Ontario Scholar (minimum average of 80% in 6 4U courses). The scholarship is administered over 2 years, with $250 available in each of 4 semesters. The recipient must attain an Accumulated Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 in a semester in order to retain the scholarship for the following semester. Applicants must also meet the General Criteria.
An annual scholarship of up to $500 is awarded to applicants who have participated in their church Bible Quizzing competitions. The applicant is required to submit with the application a reference letter from their Quizzing leader explaining the years they participated along with their contact information.
This scholarship was established to honour our student who lost his life in a climbing accident in Nigeria in 1998. The amount of $500 is awarded to a new student applying for a degree program and committed to preparation for full-time ministry. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate at least two of these characteristics: strong leadership skills, a clear Christian testimony in high school, and a passion for mission or youth work. Applicants should meet the General Criteria for applying for scholarships and submit the following:
Visit for details and to apply.
This award is made to an entering student from the Free Methodist denomination who is planning to enroll in a full-time program. It provides $150 per course for the first four courses taken in Distance Education and/or $500 to a new full-time, in-class student. The total annual disbursement is $750.
Awarded to one or more applicants in the MountainTop program, this bursary, valued at $150-$400 and is distributed according to sections 1,2,4, and 6 of the General Criteria.
Awarded to eligible students who are staying in residence for at least one year, this bursary will cover the room expenses for one semester of study. The bursary will be disbursed over two semesters. Preference will be given to those students who travel a great distance to attend the college and who have demonstrated financial need. Contact the Admissions Office for more information about this bursary.

Returning Students Scholarships & Bursaries

Alumni Association Scholarship
One scholarship of up to $1,500 is available to a son or daughter of a member of the Emmanuel Alumni Association who meets the General Criteria described above.
One bursary in the amount of $1,000 is awarded to a married student with a minimum 2.50 GPA in the previous semester, and demonstrated financial need for supporting Bible College education. The student should evidence promising potential for Christian ministry as perceived by the faculty, and the clearly-defined goal of graduating and entering full-time Christian ministry (excluding counselling). The student (or spouse) should be a member of The Evangelical Missionary Church. If no EMC member qualifies, the award may be offered first to a Brethren in Christ student who qualifies; then to a student of another denomination. If no student qualifies, the amount may be held by the College for one year, and any interest accruing may go to the operations budget of the College. The award is to be distributed in two disbursements ($500 at the beginning of each of the 2 academic semesters in the year.) If the recipient disqualifies, the second semester’s disbursement may be allocated to another eligible student.
Two $500 scholarships are awarded annually to full-time students entering the fourth year of the BTh program (one to a Missions major, one to a Pastoral Ministry major).These scholarships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated interest in Field Education, academic achievement, including proficiency in public speaking.
One award of $1000.00 is available to a qualifying fulltime-student who demonstrates aptitude for, and the desire to pursue counseling ministry OR who demonstrates a desire to guild a foundation for life in non-traditional ministry through a one-year program OR who is an international student who plans to return to his or her home country with full-time ministry intent. Preference to be given to students with the greatest financial need.
This award, in the amount of $1,000, is made to a full-time student demonstrating ability in EBC Student Life leadership, integrity and compassion. The applicant must be enrolled full-time in an EBC program, preferably with a minimum 3.0 AGPA.
One $300.00 scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need, industry and Field Education activities.
Three scholarships, one with a value of $350 and two with values of $300 each, are awarded annually to students pursuing full-time studies at EBC. These awards are presented on the basis of dedication to Field Education objectives, scholarship and financial need.
This memorial award of $1,000.00 is made annually to a returning, full-time student demonstrating strength of character and intending to serve in vocational pastoral ministry. Preference will be given to mature students.
One $75 scholarship is awarded annually to a student continuing in any year of the BRE Professional Studies with a concentration in Worship. Selection shall be made on the basis of Field Education involvement, commitment to music ministry, successful academic achievement and financial need. If no eligible student applies, this scholarship may be awarded to a student in any program with demonstrated gifting in music ministry.
Two awards of $500 are available to qualifying second or third-year students, one in missions and one in counselling studies, on the basis of character and commitment to missions service and people-helping.
One memorial bursary in the amount of $1,000.00 is provided for a married, pastoral program student, preferably in 3rd or 4th year, who is currently in, or going into, full-time ministry.
Scholarship – One $300 scholarship is awarded annually to full-time students entering the second year of B.Th. programs, demonstrating successful achievement in academic study and in Field Education.
One award of $350 to the student and one award of $350 to the charity of the student’s choice, to a student who displays a personal spirit of generosity, identifiable in practical ways (using their time, skills, or money to help other students, people in their community, volunteering, etc.). The student must be a full-time student.
One award for $500 is available to a full-time student showing academic excellence and financial need.
This award, in the amount of $500, is made annually to a returning student demonstrating leadership ability, strength of character, and interest in full-time ministry. The applicant must be enrolled in any EBC program, preferably with a minimum 3.0 AGPA.
This bursary of $200 is awarded on the basis of financial need.
This memorial award of $1,000 (plus fund interest) is made annually to a returning student demonstrating passion for the Great Commission, strength of character and interest in full-time ministry. Preference will be given to students with a minimum 3.0 AGPA and intending to serve in vocational pastoral ministry.
This scholarship, valued at $1000 is awarded each year to a returning, full-time, female student in a degree program on the basis of academic achievement, Christian character, and potential for impacting the world through her life and ministry.

Bursary Partners

The bursary is an entrance level (first-year, new student at Emmanuel) bursary, available to full-time summer camp staff members admitted to a full-time program at Emmanuel. This is an incentive for you to continue to partner with camp, by coming back each summer to work. Eligible applicants can receive 10%-25% off tuition. Please contact our admissions department for more information. Our camp partners include:
• Camp Cherith
• Camp Kahquah
• Camp Mini-Yo-We
• Camp Mishewah
• Circle Square Ranch – Arden
• Conestoga Bible Camp
• Countryside Camp
• Fairhavens Ministries
• Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp
• Mill Stream Bible Camp
• Muskoka Bible Centre/Camp Widjiitiwin
• Stayner Bible Conference Grounds
• Teen Ranch

This bursary is for applicants who have successfully completed the Teen Challenge program within one year of applying. Students must be enrolled in a three or four year degree program. Eligible applicants could receive up to 50% off tuition in their first year, and up to 30% off in subsequent years. Please contact our admissions department for more information.
This bursary is for full-time YFC staff and immediate family members who have worked with YFC a minimum of two years. Eligible applicants could receive a 30%-50% tuition discount. Please contact our admissions department for more information.