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Ruth Anne Thornton
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About the library

The fully automated Edna Pridham Memorial Library is the centre of research activity on campus for college and Distance Education students. The 7,000 square foot space provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for study as well as wireless access. Our shelves are home to approximately 17,000 books. From the public computer in the Library, patrons may access our online catalogue and proceed to check out resources on a variety of topics.

In addition to borrowing books, patrons may use a full range of reference services and research assistance provided by the Library.

We will be offering the Digital Theology Library 2 to current students, staff, and faculty of EBC by mid-September. This collection contains over 478,000 e-Books, over 10 million peer-reviewed articles, and over 34,000 journals which may be accessed both on and off-campus.


The EBC Library maintains two special collections.

Ahrens Street Collection
This is a collection of books from the original Emmanuel Library. It is currently found in the Frank Peters Room in the Library and is available for in-Library use.

Hugh Hill Collection
This extensive collection of books on Anabaptism can be found in the Hugh Hill Memorial Room in the Library and is available for in-Library use.

Loans & Fines

Loan Periods

Book – 2 weeks – 2 renewals (Students)
Book - 4 weeks - 2 renewals (Community users/Alumni)
Reserve Room – 2 hour- no renewals
DVD – 1 week – no renewals

Reserve Materials

Loan periods: 2 hour
Restrictions have been placed on the borrowing period for all of these items by their instructor. All materials may be borrowed for a limited time period. Students may check out a maximum of 2 Reserve items at any time. Due to the high demand of reserve items, renewals are not permitted. Late fees for reserves returned late are $1 per 2 hours late.

How many books may I check out?

Students, staff, faculty – 15 books
Community borrowers, alumni and pastors – 5 books


Books – $0.25 per day, per item
2-hour Reserve – $1.00 per 2 hours late, per item
VHS and DVD – $1.00 per day, per item

* Fines must be paid and amount owing at a zero balance before grades are released at the end of the semester. Borrowing privileges are suspended if fines exceed $10 at any time.
* Community patron fines must be paid in order for any books to be checked out.

Renewing Materials

Note: Materials cannot be renewed online after the due date. Please call or email.

Telephone: (519) 894-8900 ext. 269 or 234
Online: Log onto Populi Library and connect to your library profile. Simply click the renew button for each title you wish to renew.
In person: Come to front desk to renew. It is not necessary to have the books with you in order to renew.

Lending Policies

Students, staff, and faculty of EBC may access these online resources both on and off-campus. In addition to borrowing books, patrons may use a full range of reference services and research assistance provided by the Library.

Community Borrowers, Alumni, Local Pastors
As a small, privately funded library, we provide limited service to the broader community. Members of the community are welcome to use the library and may apply for borrowing privileges at no charge. Please register in person at the circulation desk. All above guidelines and rules regarding borrowing privileges and use of the library apply to community borrowers, with the exception that a limit of 5 books may be signed out and in your possession at any given time. Note that COURSE RESERVE books are not available for loan to community borrowers.


Photocopying and printing is available for students and patrons. The cost of printing or photocopying is $0.20 per black-and-white printed side and $0.30 for colour and can be paid in cash only. Users are expected to pay for any ruined copies except in cases of a machine error. Repairs should be handled by staff only.

It is recommended that students and patrons bring their documents to be printed on a USB which can be inserted in the copier to be uploaded and printed.

The copyright law of Canada governs photocopies of copyrighted materials. The person using the copier is liable for any infringement.  A summary guideline for acceptable photocopying practice is available below.

Copyright Information

Today many students photocopy articles and books and print online resources that are under copyright protection. The Copyright Act is the legislation in Canada that sets out what you can and cannot do with other people’s copyright materials. Access Copyright provides users with the means to copy from copyright protected materials while ensuring creators and publishers are fairly compensated. A detailed sign of permissible copying practices can be found near the EBC Library photocopier.

Up to 10% of a printed published work may be copied, and the following may be copied even if they exceed 10% of the full work:
* an entire newspaper article or page
* an entire short story, play, poem, essay or article from a book or periodical issue containing other kinds of works
* an entire single item of print music from a book or periodical issue containing other kinds of works
* an entire entry from an encyclopedia, dictionary, annotated bibliography or similar reference work
* an entire reproduction of an artistic work from a book or periodical issue containing other kinds of works
* an entire chapter which is 20% or less of a book

Fall 2021 Operations

The Edna Pridham Library will resume limited operations on September 13, 2021, with the following guidelines.


The Library will be open for student use of study spaces and resource retrieval Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm.

There will be no access to the Library stacks. Students are to put books on hold through Populi, or make the request in person, and the Library staff will collect the books and check them out. Students who live within driving distance (one hour) are to pick up the books at the designated counter any time the Library is open. Students who live beyond driving distance may request shipping on up to five books. They are to place a hold through Populi and then send an email with the shipping request to Library Manager Ruth Anne Thornton at

Library study spaces will be available during hours of operation for a limited number of students, on a first-come-first-served basis. During this time, students are not allowed to access books in the stacks; they must ask the Library staff for help finding resources.

Library patrons must wear a mask, use the hand sanitizer, sign in, and maintain a distance of two metres from other people. Please follow all directions within the library spaces as clearly stated in the signage.

Current students and faculty and staff continue to have access to online databases through Populi (click on the Links tab) and the website.

Alumni and Community Users

All inquiries by alumni and community users must go through Library Manager Ruth Anne Thornton by email: