Emmanuel Community Standards

We believe that Emmanuel is a community gathered by God and that faculty, staff, students, Board members, and volunteers are all part of that community. Emmanuel is a place that takes real community seriously. And in choosing to serve at Emmanuel, you are accepting the challenge to live differently – even counter-culturally; to live in ways that love, honour and respect others in ways beyond our own personal needs and desires. Holy Christian Scripture outlines the kind of relationships God longs for us to have with one another: relationships that care for each other, seek the good of others before our own, giving up our rights, serving one another, and growing together in unity in Christ in the midst of our inevitable diversities. This is the heart and foundation upon which the following guidelines and principles are grounded. Serving in healthy community is not easy, but it is worth the effort. As a College, we are committed to nurturing an atmosphere of growth, love, and mutual respect that is based in our historic orthodox and evangelical understanding of Scripture. Further, every word and action that we utter and perform shapes the educational environment of the College and so is deemed to be part of the life curriculum that we offer to students I therefore, along with the rest of the Emmanuel Bible College community will commit to holding myself and others accountable to the following:

1. I will actively seek to nurture my spiritual development by devoting time to my relationship with Jesus Christ through the exercise of spiritual discipline.

2. I will seek appropriate involvement in the activities and special events of the Emmanuel community and those of the Board of Governors.

3. I will participate in a local church that shares our historic orthodox and evangelical understanding.

4. I affirm Emmanuel’s policies regarding the honest pursuit of knowledge and the exercise of careful judgment in the use of my time, energy and material resources. I support the expectation of the highest standards of moral integrity from Emmanuel’s staff, faculty, students and governors.

5. I will refrain from practices that are biblically condemned and I will make a commitment to maintain the biblical design for purity in matters of human sexuality.

6. In light of the Emmanuel community’s understanding of Scripture, and in line with the historic position of the orthodox church through the ages, prohibited activities include: dishonesty, theft, premarital and extramarital sex including the exercise of homosexual behaviour, profanity, gossip, drunkenness, criminal behaviour (including use of illegal non-prescriptive drugs), all forms of abuse of others, and the infringement of the rights of others.

7. While Scripture does not teach specifics regarding all social practices, I will uphold the following policies for the betterment of the Emmanuel community: I affirm and support the stance of the College that gambling, entertainment that is not conducive to Christian life, and the use of alcohol, tobacco, or non-prescription mood-altering substances will not be acceptable while on the campus and/or at EBC-sanctioned events.