Emmanuel Community Standards

(current as of 2018)

The Idea Behind the Community Standards

Emmanuel Bible College is a place that takes real community seriously. And in choosing to come to Emmanuel, you are accepting the challenge to live differently – even counter-culturally; to live in ways that love, honor and respect others in ways beyond our own personal needs and desires.

Scripture outlines the kind of relationships God longs for us to have with one another: relationships that care for each other, seek the good of others before our own, giving up our rights, serving one another, and growing together in unity in Christ in the midst of our inevitable diversities. This is the heart and foundation upon which the following guidelines and principles are grounded.

Our culture says that the rights of the individual stand supreme. The community of God affirms and celebrates the individual but serves and worships as a body of believers. The following document outlines how we are committed to growing and fostering a healthy, God-centered community; a community in which you are invited to participate and actively contribute.

Community Standards

As part of the Emmanuel Bible College community, we accept the responsibilities of living and ministering in community with one another. We accept that the adherence to civil law, God’s moral law and wise practices are necessary for the Christian educational environment of Emmanuel Bible College.

I therefore, along with the rest of the Emmanuel Bible College community will commit to holding myself and others accountable to the following:

  • I will actively seek to nurture my spiritual development by devoting time to my relationship with Jesus Christ through the exercise of spiritual disciplines.
  • I will foster my involvement in the community and worship of God by participating in chapel, as well as special campus events.
  • I will seek to develop my educational experience practically by participating in a local church.
  • I will engage in the honest pursuit of knowledge exercising careful judgment in the use of my time, energy and material resources.
  • I will make a commitment to maintain the biblical design for purity in matters of human sexuality.

General Principles

In general, college regulations and moral requirements are intended to set boundaries that best provide for healthy personal growth and community life. These guidelines are not intended to replace conscience or obedience to Christ in light of Scripture, but to detail the particular stance of Emmanuel Bible College.

  • Emmanuel Bible College expects the highest standards of academic and moral integrity from its students. Academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism are considered serious offences.
  • In light of our understanding of Scripture, students should refrain from practices that are Biblically condemned which include: dishonesty, theft, sexual immorality, profanity, gossip, drunkenness, criminal behavior (including use of illegal non-prescriptive drugs), all forms of abuse of others, and the infringement of the rights of others.

While scripture does not teach specifics regarding all social practices, students are expected to uphold the following practices for the betterment of the Emmanuel Bible College Community.

  1. I agree to not engage in gambling, entertainment that is not conducive to the Christian life, and the use of alcohol and tobacco while on campus or at EBC sanctioned events.
  2. I agree to not engage in harassment of any kind. (sexual, verbal, physical, mental or online bullying) – Harassment Policy link: https://emmanuelbiblecollege.populiweb.com/router/files/67223300/show
  3. Due to varied understandings and convictions in regards to “clubbing” and dancing within Christian communities, we as a College choose to abstain from these choices on campus as well as at EBC sanctioned events.
  4. I agree to use discretion and careful discernment in my media choices, whether it is movies, music, television shows, online clips or video-games. (No sexually explicit movies will be allowed on the EBC campus.)
  5. I agree to ensure that all of my living arrangements are appropriate. The Emmanuel Bible College community standards does not condone arrangements that may call into question, or place in jeopardy, the moral and ethical standards of the College.
  6. I agree to uphold the standards I am called to and will dress in an appropriate fashion. All clothing logos must be appropriate in light of our community standards. If you are spoken to about inappropriate clothing, you are expected to comply with an attitude of respect.

EBC Students are required to abide by the conditions of the Community Standards.

Please pray about what you have read! Should you have concerns or questions about the expectations outlined in the Community Standards, please feel free to talk to the Student Services Department. Our goal is to create an environment that invites conversation, but also a deep commitment to Godly living. Let’s grow together.

The Emmanuel Bible College Statement of Faith, Values and Disciplinary Process form the basis for our Community Standards. Take the time to read these documents which are available on the Emmanuel Bible College website.