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Financing your education is an investment in your future. When both tuition and residence fees are taken into account, Emmanuel’s costs are surprisingly competitive with other Ontario colleges and universities.

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More than 30 scholarships and bursaries valuing over $30,000 are awarded annually to first year and returning students.


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For a detailed fee schedule, please contact the Admissions Office, (519) 894-8900 ext. 224 or All fees must be paid by their designated due dates to avoid a late payment fee, which will be added each week following the payment deadline. All students living in residence are required to pay a $300.00 non-refundable Residence Deposit. This will be applied to the total residence cost in the student’s second semester. A $200.00 Damage Deposit is required initially for residence students. A graduation fee is payable in the student’s final semester prior to graduation. Transcripts and final grades will not be released for students with outstanding financial accounts at the college. Students with outstanding fees are not permitted to attend class.

Financial Aid

Ontario Student
Assistance Program (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a government-funded program which can help students pay for their postsecondary education through grants and loans. Assistance is based on multiple factors, some of which include gross family income, size of family and overall student resources. In order to be considered, students need to apply for the funding on the OSAP website. OSAP has an online aid estimator tool on their website, which you can use to learn how much funding you may be eligible to receive.

Students enrolled in Expedition, Expedition-Plus, the MountainTop Certificate Program, the Diploma in Biblical Studies, the Bachelor of Religious Education or the Bachelor of Theology program may be eligible, if qualified, for assistance under one or more of the following components of the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP): the Canada Student Loans Program (CSL); the Ontario Student Loans Program (OSL).

To ensure a completed assessment, students should apply on-line to OSAP at least 10-12 weeks prior to registration day with all required information. Missing information will delay processing of the OSAP application and may result in students paying a late fee if their OSAP funds are late arriving. Supporting documents must be submitted to Emmanuel for verification.

A student receiving funding through OSAP, and failing to comply with the Active Student Participation Policy for five consecutive days of his/her scheduled classes (without valid and documented reason), will be considered to have withdrawn from the program and will no longer be eligible for OSAP funding. Failure to demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Achievement may also result in OSAP ineligibility. Further details relative to Performance Requirements as they pertain to the administration of the OSAP program are available from the Registrar.

A limited fund has been made available by the college to provide special assistance to students encountering serious financial problems during the course of their programs. Application forms are available from the Dean of Student Life or the forms download page. Government financial assistance may be available for those Bible College students who qualify in the province in which they hold permanent residence.
For information and to apply, visit here and contact the Business Office at EBC. The school code for EBC on the on-line loan application form is G023249-00. (Note that in order to be eligible to apply for federal financial assistance; US students must possess a secondary school completion credential or its equivalent under the mature student provision.)
Some provinces offer funding to mature students who are re-training for specific careers. This option should be investigated by qualifying students.
Emmanuel offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries available to students through the entire course of their time at EBC. Whether you are applying to become a first year student, or are returning to Emmanuel Bible College, there are awards available for you.
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OSAP Aid Estimator

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Estimated Costs to Attend Emmanuel Bible College

Whether you live on campus in residence or off-campus as a commuting student, you are part of the vibrant community at Emmanuel. Here’s a breakdown of the fees to help you plan for your future.

Notes: The following chart displays the estimated costs to attend Emmanuel for one semester based on a 100% course load at 16 hours a week. Please keep in mind these prices reflect the 2017-2018 school year fees, which are subject to change.

Residence Students


Total for Full-Time Student with Double Room
  • $5280 Tuition (16 x $330)
  • $3138 Room & Board
    (Double Occupancy)
  • $3427 Room & Board
    (Single Occupancy)
  • $267 Compulsory Fees

Off Campus Students


Total for Full-Time Commuting Student
  • $5280 Tuition (16 x $330
  • $0 Room & Board
    (Double Occupancy)
  • $0 Room & Board
    (Single Occupancy)
  • $222 Cumpulsory Fees

Tuition Fees Breakdown

Base Tuition Cost: $330/credit hr.
Additional Costs:
Student Council, $2/credit hr.
Student Services, $3/credit/hr
Library Services, $7/credit hr.

Total Fee*: $342/credit hr.

Cost per Course: $1026 (3 credit hours)

*Audit Fee: $200 (HST included)
*Alumni Audit Fee: $100 (HST included)

Other Fees You
Should Know About

Damage Deposit (residences only) $200/First semester of year
Room Deposit $300 (first semester only, credited to second semester) Non-refundable

$3138/double occupancy per semester

$3427/single occupancy per semester

(Board includes lunch and dinner meals 5 days per week except scheduled breaks)

Residence Association Fee
$25 per semester
$50 – Residence Students (per semester)

$30 – Commuter Students (per semester)

$100 (in final year)

Miscellaneous Service Charges

*Credit transfer evaluation
*Credit transfer

*Extra institutional credit

*NSF cheques

Textbook costs vary with the courses taken. Students are responsible for purchasing their texts independently. The textbook list is distributed prior to each semester.

Refund Policy

Emmanuel allows students to withdraw from courses after they have registered. However, they will be charged an administration fee. Refunds are calculated on a percentage basis, in accordance with guidelines established by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, based on the proportion of the course(s) completed.

* Students, who receive OSAP funding and withdraw from a course, will be reassessed by OSAP and any refund will be issued to the National Student Loans Centre. Below is a schedule showing the refund owing proportional to the total:

Week 1 – 100%
Week 2 – 90.9%
Week 3 – 81.8%
Week 4 – 72.7%
Week 5 – 63.6%
Week 6 – 54.6%
Week 7 – 45.5%
Week 8 – 36.7%
Week 9 – 27.2%
Week 10 – 18.1%
Week 11 – 9.1%
Week 12 – 0%

Withdrawal From Residence

No refunds for room costs are given. A pro-rated refund for food costs – 1/3 of the cost per week – will be issued to a student with certified medical evidence that the student is unable to live in the Emmanuel residence for a minimum of two weeks. To receive this refund the student (or student’s guardian if the student is under 18 or medically unable) must make a written request to the Chief Student Development Officer. Students are eligible to withdraw from the residence between the Fall and Winter semesters if they have given 30 days notice in writing to the Chief Student Development Officer, and if they fit into one of the following categories:

• Medical certification they are not able to live in the residence.
• Getting married during the following semester.
• Will no longer be a student at Emmanuel Bible College.

In such a situation the student will not be required to pay room or food costs for the Winter semester. Any other requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Chief Student Development Officer prior to September 1st of the given year.