Emmanuel Bible College Announces Strategic Restructuring Plan – March 29, 2024

Emmanuel Bible College is announcing a significant strategic organizational rebrand and a restructuring of its academic offerings, set to take place in September 2024. As part of this transformation, all current programs will be discontinued to make way for a one-year certificate program, designed to provide students with a comprehensive and focused educational experience to develop strong leadership skills, biblical literacy and spiritual maturity for ministry and the marketplace, will be created. 

This difficult decision was made with care and with acknowledgement of the significant impact to our students, our staff and our faculty. In this transition, the past will be honoured as we close a significant and meaningful chapter in EBC’s history while we remain hopeful for the future.  

With a rich history of producing exceptional alumni who have gone on to make significant contributions as pastors, missionaries, and leaders in various fields, Emmanuel Bible College remains committed to its mission of shaping the future of the Church at large. However, recent years have presented many challenges such as declining enrolment and financial difficulties. 

In response to these on-going challenges, the new leadership team has decided to stop current operations and focus on delivering a single certificate program with excellence. The leadership team is committed to supporting current students to transition well and ensure that students can continue to pursue their academic and spiritual goals. 

In the coming months, EBC will be undergoing a rebranding, renaming and recommitment to benefiting the local church. The future college will be prayerfully built alongside local churches & ministry partners with purpose to sow into & empower the Church leaders of tomorrow. As such, we invite you to join us at our upcoming branding launch night in May, where we will share more details about the future of the College. Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we embark on this journey of renewal. 


The Board of Governors for Emmanuel Bible College