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Roots Wild Leader: NLS, First Aid, and moving water qualifications are required, as well as experience in leading canoe trips.

Roots Altitude Leader: Experience in leading trips. NLS, Bronze Med, and First Aid are all valuable assets but not strictly required.

Roots Vélo Leader: Experience in bike tripping is an asset but not strictly required.

Roots River Leader: Experience in leading trips required. NLS, Bronze Med, and First Aid are all valuable assets but not strictly required.

Program Overview

ROOTs is a 4-week leadership development program for those who have completed Grade 10 (age 15-16). All participants begin with a week of group bonding by studying topics such as worldviews and culture, leadership theory, and spending time in exciting teambuilding activities.  This is then followed by a 7 day out trip either hiking, canoeing, kayaking or bike packing. Upon return to IAWAH, the entire group prepares for a 5-day outreach opportunity to our local community, developing and running a day camp at IAWAH where participants can put into practice the leadership principles learned in the first three weeks of the program.

Role Overview

Give positive spiritual and practical leadership to the Roots participants providing structure and support for success and personal holistic growth. Roots leaders will work closely with the YDLP coordinator in the development of the curriculum and execution of the schedule.

A successful ROOTs staff will effectively communicate with their team and the YDLP Coordinator concerning what is going on within the ROOTs community and the staff team. ROOTs staff need to be able to lead others, teach others, and resolve conflict. They will be personable, able to give direction, and able to both lead and work in a team. An attitude and a heart submitted to the Spirit of God is essential to being effective in this role.


– Responsible for leading and supervising Roots participants in all aspects of the program.
– Responsible for delivering the overall curriculum, maintaining the smooth running of the schedule and meeting the objectives of the program.
– Work with the out-tripping team to ensure a safe, yet challenging experience on all out-trips.
– Responsible for the creation, development and maintenance of a healthy community among participants.
– Helping the individual to grow holistically through feedback and 1 on 1s
– Working with the camp pastoral staff for any mental and spiritual health issues
– Planning and preparing sessions concerning leadership, biblical teaching, and other topics for the program
– Coordinate with the main camp scheduler/YDLP Coordinator concerning camp activities
– Working with the community representatives before and during the day camp portion of the schedule.

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