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North Sauble Community Church ( Interdenominatioal)

North Sauble Community Church Board Representatives

 Summer Pastoral Position: 

We here at North Sauble Community Church in Sauble Beach, Ontario, are looking to hire a single person or a couple for the position of Pastoral  Summer Student.  This is an amazing opportunity for someone to learn how to try varied aspects of ministry to see what exactly they like and to see what kind of Ministry the Lord Jesus is calling them to accomplish in His Name, perhaps in the near future. Here below is a description of a job description for our Pastor. It will be expanded on in detail at a later date.

A) Sunday Morning Services 10:30m am begins May 21, 2023

1.) The Pastoral student is required to plan, prepare and arrange all details of the morning service and be an avid participant in the service. Leading the congregation in  Greetings, Hymns, Songs, Tithings and Offerings, Prayers, Scriptures, and a Sermon is part of our Sunday morning order of service. Each order of service will be prepared and printed in a bulletin by the student each week throughout the summer.

2) The Sunday school room and kitchen should be cleaned and prepared for each service as well as lawn mowing and the watering of plants outside when needed.

3)Greeting the congregation at the door and providing them with a bulletin is part of the job description.

B) Vacation Bible School

1) Daily from July 3, 2023, to August 30, 2023,  “North Club,” our daily vacation bible school day camp, is available for children from 6 to 10 years of age from 10 am till noon Monday to Friday.

2)Liking children personally plus professionally would be an aspect of this position. Experience an asset.

C) Events

1) Hot dog BBQ and Corn Boil that are part of the gathering of children and parents from North Club. Here the student pastor will provide opportunities to share with parents what the children have learned.

D) Preteen Gathering

Young adults from 10 to 13  years old gather together around a campfire as the pastor leads in a time of fun and fellowship.

E) Concert

Our student participates and helps with the order of singers and musicians introduced and presented to the crowd outside on lawn chairs. To be arranged at the board meeting in the future,


1) For our Pastor to attend to our 3 board meetings a summer

2) Keep a journal for the summer to prepare for presentations in a written report about the events of your summer.

3)  When the Pastoral student has any questions or concerns, they are guided to always speak or call their Christian education board members immediately. They are available for you.

4) Our pastor has been provided a cottage without cost as accommodations. They must be responsible to care for the cottage and live alone unless another worker is hired to assist them then they would share this accommodation.

Unfortunately, Families cannot adhere to this position due to space.

G)Visiting Pastors from July 2, 2023, till September 3, 2023

1) Prepare bulletin for pastors. Greet and introduce yourself.

2)Pray for them before service after personal introductions to the congregation.

3) Put numbers on the Hymn board for hymns being sung each Sunday.

4) Bottled water for the pastor put on the pulpit.

5) Handing out bulletins and greeting people in the church before service, as they arrive, is also a welcoming gesture.

6) Our applicant must live in Ontario.

This is a view of some of the JOB Requirements.

Please be free to email me at or call me at 519-590-9151 if you have any questions about this Pastoral Position.



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