BRE – Professional Studies (College Path)

This program receives students who have graduated from one-year certificate programs in community colleges, or those who elect to insert a community college certificate into an Emmanuel degree, and offers them the opportunity to integrate community college studies into a degree emphasizing practical ministry and service. It is not an articulated program with any individual community college.

Career Path

Students graduating from this program find employment within the scope of their transferred vocational studies or bring these studies into a variety of employment situations in mission and other Christian agencies, church ministry, front-line people helping, or go on to further studies. Transfer credits to other schools are awarded at the discretion of the receiving institution.

A note about concentrations

The BRE Professional Studies program has two concentration requirements. Concentrations are bundles of four courses in a related subject or ministry area. Courses can be drawn from all areas of the curriculum including Bible & Theology, General Studies, and Professional Studies. One course may be designated external practicum or internship. In most Emmanuel programs there is the capacity to include a concentration by using the 4 Free Elective slots or by combining electives in Professional Studies and Free Electives.

Program Details

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