The God of Billy Graham

- April 18, 2018

It’s been a few weeks since we learned of the passing of Dr. Billy Graham. That time has allowed many of us to further reflect on the impact of Dr. Graham’s life and ministry. Graham was called “America’s Pastor” but his impact was truly global. His evangelistic campaigns were organized in many countries around the world but Graham also used technology, beginning with film and later television and radio, to expand his impact and reach. My own in-laws served with the organizing committee for Graham’s crusades in London and Glasgow in the mid-1950s that begun a life-long interest and support for the Graham organization.

I wondered how many of our current students at Emmanuel would have had the opportunity to hear Dr. Graham preach in person. Probably not many of them. Last time Dr. Graham was in Southern Ontario was a crusade at the SkyDome (now Roger’s Centre) in 1995. I remember attending one of these meetings and being disappointed that Dr. Graham was unable to preach that evening due to illness.

Discussing Dr. Graham’s impact with colleagues I discovered that one of our Adjunct Instructors, Dr. Paul Pascoal, had a very special link to the Graham organization. Dr. Pascoal comes from Portugal where he served as a pastor and theological educator. He became connected to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Organization in Portugal and has maintained a link to the evangelical church community in Portugal as well the BEGA. In the accompanying article, Dr. Pascoal reflects on the God of Billy Graham. Read it and be inspired.

Dr. Stephen Roy
President & Dean

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