The Joy of Christmas

The Joy of Christmas

In the midst of the bustle and noise of the holiday season, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on the meaning of Christmas.

Imagine Israel’s longing as they awaited the promised Messiah. What would it be like to await the fulfilment of a promise for many generations? Think about that for a moment.

As a college, we have learned a little bit about longing as we worked through the Futures Plan these past two years. Many days we longed for the fulfilment of the plan, and for it to be a success. How much more must Israel have longed for and anticipated the Messiah as they waited generations, not mere years.

Reflecting now on that longing, we also recognize the joy of a promise fulfilled. We felt tremendous joy as the Futures Plan was accomplished. Joy is the only word that can describe how it feels for the college to be free of debt and able to look forward to exciting new initiatives. Some of these initiatives are already underway! The longing and the waiting have given way to joy and deep gratitude for God’s leading through these last few years.

As modern day Christians, we did not have to await the fulfilment of the promise, nor experience Israel’s longing over generations. However, we can appreciate afresh the joy of knowing our Messiah has indeed come and that God leads us and fulfils His promises to us today. We can feel deep, profound joy knowing that God Himself is with us! As it was foretold, He was born of a virgin for our salvation.

May this Christmas season find you joyfully considering the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ – Emmanuel, God with us!

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